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RATES (as of Jan.1.2021)


Ringside Pick Up Handling      $125

Handling Per Dog                     $100

Specialties                                 $150

National                                     $500

Multiple Fly-ins - per day        $250

Exclusive Fly-ins  - per day     $500





Best in Show/Specialty          $200

Reserve Best in Show            $100

Group one                                 $ 50

Group two                                 $ 40

Group three                               $30

Group four                                 $20

Puppy Group                              $25


*PST and GST added where applicable*

*All expenses to be divided between all dogs carried (Pro Rated)*

*Foreign clients pay in US funds*

*All prize money won go to handler*


Board  $20 a day for show dogs, $50 for pet boarders,

Long term boarding by request only - call for a quote.


Vancouver Airport Pick up $100

Seattle Airport Pickup $250

BC Ferries Pick up $50


Pleased to mail or fax contracts, Payment is due upon billing, all bills to be paid in full before dogs release to owner.  


The client shall be responsible for all veterinary fees, medicines, health certificates, photographs, and advertisement charges in addition to the charges, fees, etc. set forth in this Agreement and any injuries or damage caused by dog.


The client shall be responsible for all dog show entry fees over and above the aforesaid charges, fees, etc. set forth in this agreement.


In the event the client withdraws the dog from a dog show after the close of entries or during the 72 hour period immediately preceding the close of entries, the Client shall pay to the handler, as agreed damages, the dog show entry fees and handling charges relating thereto.


The Handler or her agents shall not be held responsible to the client for any damages the client may suffer from the loss, injury or illness of the dog while in the care of the Handler or her agents pursuant to the terms in this agreement.


I, the Handler and my assistants will do our utmost to care and show your dog to the best of our abilities.


The laws of the Province of B.C. Canada are to govern the terms of this agreement and any interpretation thereof.


Subject to the rules and regulations of the Canadian Kennel Club and the American Kennel club.

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